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Intelligent 3In1 Laser Tape Measure Laser Rangefinder High-Precision Digital Laser Tape Range Finder Measuring Instrument Level

Intelligent 3In1 Laser Tape Measure Laser Rangefinder High-Precision Digital Laser Tape Range Finder Measuring Instrument Level

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There are two products in this link, the cheaper one is for measuring 90 degrees, and the higher one is for measuring distance

(Before purchasing, please confirm whether your country's customs allow laser type products to enter your country. For customs in countries such as Israel, laser level documents are required to clear customs. To avoid the package being returned, please contact customer service for the documents after shipment.)

Product name: 90 ° Laser Level

Test distance: 16m Laser wavelength: 650 (nm)

Accuracy ± 1mm/m Power supply: DC3V, 3 No. 5 batteries Size: 20 * 10 * 6cm Weight: 200g

Laser risk level: class 2-3

Function: Shoot a laser straight line on the surface of an object, which can be at any angle. Can be operated with single or double lines at a 90 degree angle, suitable for woodworking, stair starting boards, shelves, forming, tiling, or any other work that requires precise alignment

Product name: 3 in 1 Laser tape measure
Material: ABS+ manganese steel ruler belt
Tape material: coated manganese steel tape
Product model 1:40 meters laser ranging +5 meters tape measure + laser cross marking line
60m laser ranging + 5m tape measure + laser cross marking line
Scope of application: single measurement, continuous measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, hook measurement, decoration design, furniture placement, doors and Windows measurement, engineering mapping
Battery type: Two AAA batteries
Size: 85 * 82 * 56 mm
Temperature range: 0-40 degrees Celsius
Measurement accuracy: 2mm
Accuracy: 2mm
Dust and splash proof: IP54
Maximum storage: 20 groups
Maximum/Minimum value: Minimum value 0.005, maximum value 60 m
Measurement, volume measurement, hook measurement

Multi-function intelligent measuring tape: laser ranging/laser cross/self-locking measuring tape
Five handfuls per hand: 5 meters tape measure /40 meters laser rangefinder/laser cross.
A second to get the second speed ranging new way: Measuring tape is used for short distance measurement, laser is used for long distance measurement, and laser cross is used for cross measurement.
Precision laser components: subtle changes in distance and accurate perception.
Plastic protective soft shell: with high elasticity, toughness, skid resistance.
Ruler belt automatic lock: ruler belt automatically lock after pulling out, to prevent accidentally injured finger to press the unlock button automatically rebound.
High precision measuring tape ruler tape: clear scale | male imperial ruler with | reading is convenient.
About the front and back correction of the ruler hook: the ruler hook looseness is a retraction compensation design, not a quality problem, please rest assured to use.

Package Included:
1 x 60M Laser Tape Measure
1 x Chinese and English Manual
1 x Lanyard
1 x Mini Screwdriver


Ideal for a variety of uses, including flooring, tile layout, paneling, wallpapering, stenciling, wainscoting, finish carpentry, outlet and switch layout, wall stud layout and partition installation.

Kindly noted:

The angle of the laser line can be changed according to the angle scale, saving your time of measurement and marking.

During packaging or transportation, it is possible that the gradienter is adjusted, affecting the angle of the laser line.


Material: ABS



Wave length: 630-670nm

Power output max 5mw ; Accuracy: ±1mm/3m

Available distance: 5m / 16m

Battery type: 3*AA batteries(Not included)

Operation temperature: -10~50℃

Applications: make 90 degrees laser beam on any surfaces, to install home decorations, woodworking decorations, tiles and draw lines

Package includes:

1*Laser level

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