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Frying Pans Nonstick, Induction Frying Pan Set Granite Skillet Pans for Cooking Omelette Pan Cookware Set with Heat-Resistant Handle, Christmas Gift for Women (8" &9.5" &11")

Frying Pans Nonstick, Induction Frying Pan Set Granite Skillet Pans for Cooking Omelette Pan Cookware Set with Heat-Resistant Handle, Christmas Gift for Women (8" &9.5" &11")

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  • 【What Defeats Your Love of Cooking】- Is it smoky fog? Is it the food that sticks to the pan when cooking? Or the dirt that remains in the pan and is hard to clean? We know how you feel, so we recommend YIIFEEO non-stick frying pan set. Keep up your enthusiasm and cook the most delicious dishes.
  • 【What Is A Good nonstick Pan】- Non-stick performance is the key. Compared to other ordinary non-stick pans, YIIFEEO's nonstick set adds 4 layers of non-stick coating, which means that the frying pans can better demonstrate long-lasting non-stick. Less oil or butter for cooking will release the food easily. Ideal for every cooking master.
  • 【Most Stoves Available】- Made with a magnetic flat bottom, the pan set could be placed evenly over a heat source. Fry Pans are suitable for cooking on induction, gas, ceramic, electric and infrared cooker. (Not for oven)
  • 【Safety Healthy Cooking】- The nonstick pan is coated with a medical stone that owns certifications from FDA, BSCI & LFGB. The natural mineral nonstick coating is very durable and at the same time 100% free of PFOA, PTFA, lead and cadmium, it is designed for healthy cooking.
  • 【Easy To Clean Cookware Set】- With the non-stick coating, there are no more sticky or difficult-to-clean problems. Only by using a soft sponge or dishcloth, you can clear oil stains easily. Please do not use a sharp or pointy brush, which would do harm to the non-stick layer.

Product Description

YIIFEEO Nonstick Frying Pan Set, Granite Skillet Set with 100% PFOA Free, Omelette Pan Cookware Set with Heat-Resistant Ergonomic Handle, Induction Compatible

YIIFEEO is a company what specializes in the development and sale of kitchen cookware series products. it is committed to selling high-quality,fine technique cookware to all parts of the world, so that more people fall in love with cooking and enjoy cooking. At the same time, YIIFEEO also pays attention to your real experience, listening to your real voice, because your satisfaction is the greatest affirmation to us, your voice is the key to YIIFFEO's success.

YIIFEEO, Give your and your family a perfect life

  • Care & Maintenance Instructions:
  • Low to medium heat is recommended.
  • 0ven is not recommended
  • Wooden, silicone or nylon utensil is recommended
  • Use sponge or soft cloth to clean



  1. Do you want a smoke-free cooking environment?
  2. Do you want make less oil tasty foods for your family?
  3. When you cook, do you want eggs, bacon, fish or steak not stick easily to the skillet pan?
  4. After you cook, Do you want your omelette pan easy to clean and save time?

If this is what you have in mind, YIIFEEO marble stone nonstick frying pan is good choice

  • 1:The nonstick frying pan is 100% PFOA, non toxic, lead and cadmium free, you can use it in peace
  • 2:The granite pan has super non-stick performance, The surface of nonstick frying pans are smooth, everything just slides right off
  • 3:Ergonomically designed resistant bakelite handle is comfortable grip & easy to lift and pour
  • 4:The stone pan easy to clean, you just wipe it with a paper towel or rinse it with water
  • 5:This stone cookware is made of casting aluminum that offers durable and does not warp, it has 5-ply ultra-durable coating, it provides best cooking experience for you



1: The egg frying pan has super non-stick performance from Germany.

2:The frypan set 100% PFOA and non toxic.

3: It will give you less oil diet.


1: When you wake up in the morning, if you are single, you can fry eggs and bacon in an 8 inch frying pan. If you are a family of three, you can use a 9.5 inch frying pan to prepare breakfast for your spouse and children.

2: When you get home from get off work, you can use an 11 inch frying pan to make pasta, steak, pancakes, and shrimp for your family. You can do any fried, stir-fry, grilling or boil.


1: The frying pan set has 3 layer design.

2: The skillet pan set includes aluminum alloy magnetized layer, magnetic conductive stainless steel layer and energy storage layer.

3: The nonstick frying pan makes the nonstick frying pan heat up quickly and evenly. At the same time, you can save energy and time.


1: The marble coated and high quality nonstick frying pan easy to clean.

2: It is dishwasher safe.

3: You only wipe it with a paper towel or rinse it with water.

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